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How often should I have my garage door serviced?

According to our specialists in garage door repair City of Orange, garage doors should be serviced at least annually. However, if you notice that there is something wrong with your garage door, have it checked immediately before it grows into a bigger concern.

What is the proper way of cleaning a wooden garage door?

You should be careful while cleaning your wooden garage door since wood is a sensitive material. Use mild washing detergent with warm water, and make sure it does not get soaked for too long. Moreover, take the time to inspect the paint and the finish if they are still intact.

How can I secure my garage door from children?

Some homebuyers turn their garage into a storage room for things that could be a potential hazard to their children. It should not be that way. To keep your kids safe in the garage, avoid putting power tools, toxic chemicals and other things that could harm your little ones. Lock all entry points and cabinets. Make sure that the reversing mechanism of the door is in good condition throughout the year.

How long will a typical garage door installation last?

Garage door installations can take a couple of hours more or less, depending on the type of door to be installed and the conditions of the garage. Some doors need specific measurements and conditions. Commercial doors take more time as the installation process needs to comply with the city's safety and building codes.

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