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We can help you handle some garage door problems with these amazing and very useful tips

Save an emergency service contact number

Our experts say that is always best to have an emergency number saved in your cellphone in case you would need it. Avoid the hassle of scrambling for help if something bad happens to your garage door, such as your vehicle getting stuck as the door closes and you do not know what to do.

Do not forcefully open or close garage doors

If a garage door gets stuck midway or there are certain points where it becomes difficult to open or close it, do not forcefully do so. There might be a misalignment or a foreign item lodged on its track. Check for any possible cause of the garage door getting stuck and try to remove that cause. Otherwise, do not force it.

Provide lubrication maintenance twice a year

You have to lubricate all moving metal parts of the garage door including the sections of the cables at the bottom bracket. You have to use lubricant which is recommended by the door’s manufacturer. Our experts in Orange suggest that you use a specially formulated lubrication product for the drive chain or screw of the opener.

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